Jogamos Futebol

Women football team


Pemba (Bairros of Alto Gingone), at the Maria Madre del Buon Pastore Center

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Project start year



The project aims to engage children in sports activities under the control of educators, who will teach not only discipline and competitive values, but also social education.

For the little ones, tournaments will be organized at the Kirikù Oratory, while the older ones will participate in the Pemba tournament.

Project leader

Irmas Pastorelas, Pemba;


About one hundred girls and boys aged 7 to 16

Aim for the three-year period 2024-2026

Promote social relationships with peers from other schools or NGOs present in Pemba, through competitive activity and the organization of football tournaments.

To contribute

You can contribute by bank transfer to Muindi Semi di Sorriso Onlus - IBAN: IT24T0306901626100000124118 - reason: Joagmos Futebol, or by credit card by clicking on the Donation (Donazione) button.

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