Cookies Policy

The European Directive 2009/136 / EC regulates the use of cookies (text files that are stored on the visitor's computer). This site uses "technical" cookies (text files that are stored in the visitor's device - computer, telephone, tablet -) to allow efficient and safe navigation.

Types of cookies

  • Technical cookies do not require the user's consent and are used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the contractor or by the user to provide this service "(see Article 122, paragraph 1 of the Code). They can be divided into navigation or session cookies, and guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website.
  • Analytical cookies are comparable to technical cookies and other technical identifiers only if:
    - they are used only to produce aggregate statistics and in relation to a single site or a single mobile application;
    - for those of third parties, at least the fourth component of the IP address is masked;
    - third parties refrain from combining analytics cookies, thus minimized, with other processing (customer files or statistics of visits to other sites, for example) or from transmitting them to other third parties. However, third parties are allowed to produce statistics with data relating to multiple domains, websites or apps that can be traced back to the same publisher or business group.
  • Profiling cookies are used to monitor and profile users while browsing, to study their movements and web browsing or consumption habits, also for the purpose of sending advertising for targeted and personalized services.

This site does not use profiling cookies but only technical cookies.

Types of cookies that could be used by the website

SESSxxx Until the browser is closed Used only in the areas reserved for the data controller and registered users (technical login cookies). Prevents having to authenticate multiple times during a single browser session.
cookiesjsr 1 year Used to determine whether or not the user has consented to the use of cookies for this website.
slideshow_header-block_1 1 day Used by the slideshow.
_ga 2 years Used by Google Analytics to store and count pageviews.
_gat 1 minute Used by Google Analytics to read and filter requests from bots.
_gid 1 day Used by Google Analytics to store and count pageviews.
collect Until the browser is closed Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor's device and behavior. It tracks the visitor across all devices and marketing channels.
vuid 2 years Used by Vimeo to store the user's usage history.
CONSENT 20 years Used by Google Ads Optimization to store cookie consent preferences.
GPS Until the browser is closed Used by YouTube to store location data.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 6 months Used by YouTube to provide bandwidth estimations.
YSC Until the browser is closed Used by YouTube to Store and track interaction.

Statistical third-party cookies

This website uses cookies of Google Analytics, an analysis tool by Google Ireland Limited that helps website owners to understand how visitors interact with site content, such as pages visited, time spent, traffic origin, geographic origin. The data is collected in aggregate form and with anonymized IP. This type of cookies are similar to technical cookies, therefore they do not require consent, see: Cookie Infographics and the Cookie Guidelines of June 10, 2021.

For more information, please read: Types of cookies used by Google, Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites and Data protection.

Third party cookies for social sharing

Pages containing articles may be provided with so-called "social plugins", or tools that allow, by clicking on certain buttons (widgets), to share the content of the page on various social networks to which the user is subscribed. This website does not manage these third-party cookies and their use here is aimed exclusively at sharing our content that the user actively accepts by clicking on the appropriate buttons.
For information, consult the pages relating to the treatment of the "Privacy" of each individual social network:


Third party cookies for videos

The site may contain videos hosted on YouTube e/o Vimeo. For more information on the respective methods of processing cookies, consult the respective websites.

For more information on the use of cookies by YouTube (Google) refer to the page:

For more information on the use of cookies by Vimeo refer to the page:

Disabling cookies

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but the user can generally change the settings of their browser to disable this function.

The Help section of the toolbar located on most browsers indicates how to avoid the receipt of cookies and other technologies used to track users by the browser, how to obtain from the browser notice of the receipt of such technologies or how to disable them entirely. By disabling cookies, navigation on the site may be limited.

For further information and support, you can also visit the specific help page of the web browser you are using:

Internet Explorer

Users wishing to block only cookies from Google Analytics can consult this page.