Ajuda Isabelinha

Children at the Mission of the Salesian Sisters


Chiure - at the Mission of the Salesian Sisters

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The project is part of an initiative of the Salesian Sisters of Chiure in favor of newborns. It takes care – with the assistance of the local Chiure Hospital – of their nutrition, in particular with the distribution of powdered milk, and of hygiene and food education for mothers.

Project leader

Irmas Salesianas of Chiure


About 120 infants

Aim for the three-year period 2024-2026

Focus attention on the weaning of infants to find a more suitable and compatible diet with local products.

To contribute

You can contribute by bank transfer to Muindi Semi di Sorriso Onlus - IBAN: IT24T0306901626100000124118 - reason:  Ajuda Isabelinha, or by credit card by clicking on the Donation (Donazione) button.

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